New report offers unparalleled insight into £1.5bn UK outdoor market


New report offers unparalleled insight into £1.5bn UK outdoor market

The 150+page Profile UK Outdoor Report 2020 offers a comprehensive analysis of performance, development and direction in the growing outdoor market, now worth £1.5 billion at retail and the second largest in Europe.

The outdoor industry (as opposed to recreation) is defined in this report as the manufacture, supply and retail of outdoor products which includes apparel, footwear and equipment.

The report provides a unique breakdown of the current market and focuses on performance, development and direction giving a detailed insight into both suppliers and retailers in terms of size, scope and direction, providing the reader with a clear industry-based working document.

Compiled by Profile Outdoors which has built a reputation as the number one source of reliable market information about the UK outdoor industry in the course of the past 20 years.


A changing landscape

Individual outdoor participation, no matter at what level, is built around enthusiasm and driven by passion for the outdoors. It is usually presented as a return to nature and the natural environment, working as the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern-day living.

The pace of innovation in outdoor product has been mirrored to an extent by the development of activities, many of which

have grown from niche to mainstream. Alongside such developments have been sea changes in attitudes to product allied to a spectrum of views on performance, weight, durability, versatility and sustainability.

This has allowed manufacturers to extend their reach in terms of target consumers and, in doing so, the lines between outdoor, sport and lifestyle have become blurred.

There are a number of forces at work within the outdoor industry pulling the market in different directions. On one hand, there is huge pressure on price and perceived value; on the other is brands’ desire to push performance and innovation.

At the same time, brands have begun adapting designs, streamlining and refocusing ranges and broadening marketing to embrace more aspects of performance requirements.  Some brands have continued to develop technical

performance product but, at the same time, have been quick to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the growing popularity of outdoor-inspired or lifestyle product. And, while pressure on price persists, suppliers have found extra profitability and margin from growing direct to consumer sales.

The focus remains on a sharper product mix and segmentation and the creation of sustainable (and profitable) business platforms in tune with evolving consumer expectations. Price pressure is in evidence across all sectors.

Outdoor brands, by their nature, have a vested interest in preserving the outdoors. A growing number have policies in place to help conserve and preserve the environment. Sustainability from product concept through construction, supply chain and the impact on the environment are of growing importance, especially given societies rapidly changing values.

While traditional retailers (multi and independents) account for the largest percentage of value, sales were down in 2019. Market growth was led by mono-brand retailers, web-only operators, suppliers’ (brands) direct-to-consumer sales (bricks and mortar/web) and sports retailers.

The report offers exceptional insight regarding the UK outdoor industry, including detailed company profiles for the last five years’ trading for suppliers (20) and retailers (15) plus mini profiles for a further 30+ companies.

The report costs £955.00 (zero-rated for VAT).

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