‘Respect the Outdoors’ campaign – we need your help to amplify the campaign.

Our Dropbox showcase includes campaign materials for download, customising and sharing.

Downloadable materials include

  • Social assets for Facebook & Twitter
  • Non-Government branded social asset templates (for stakeholders to insert their own logo instead if desired)
  • Poster images
  • A basic campaign toolkit, providing a campaign overview, key messages, and guidance for using the assets on social media.

Campaign overview

Our campaign encourages people to responsibly dispose of PPE (face coverings and gloves), take their litter home and follow the Countryside code. They key messages we want to promote are:

  • Don’t destroy what you’ve come to enjoy
  • Take your litter home to throw away or recycle
  • Don’t have barbecues or fires in the countryside
  • Follow the Countryside Code
  • Keep your dog on a lead
  • Stick to footpaths and follow local signs
  • Respectlocal farmers and communities
  • Protectour outdoor spaces
  • Throw your PPE (gloves and face coverings) in the bin – not the recycling
  • #RespectProtectEnjoy

Campaign Activity

Alongside the toolkit, we’ve been pushing ahead with the following in recent weeks:

Love Parks campaign

Defra funded and joined up with Keep Britain Tidy on their new ‘Love Parks’ intervention which went live on Friday 21 July, launching on BBC Breakfast. You can read more about their campaign here: