Today the Director Generals of the three leading names in UK camping have joined forces and written to the Prime Minister urging him to ‘Save Our Summer’.

You can read the statement here FINAL-Joint Press Statement – 22.06.2020

Find below guidance on how to contact your MP and thank you in advance for your co-operation.


The media are reporting that an announcement is anticipated on Tuesday regarding reopening hospitality in England.

Whilst they report that hotels and holiday parks are to reopen, it is also says that accommodation “with shared facilities, like campsites, will have to wait longer before being given the green light” – see on this link and echoed here.

The same report confirms “Downing Street insisted no final decision has yet been taken’. Therefore, time is of the essence to get our points across.


  1. We have posted some tweets and would be grateful if you would please retweet to your MP.
  1. Please also adapt the model text below and send an email to your MP in England as soon as you can, ideally to be awaiting them in their inbox when they log-on tomorrow morning.


We are also addressing the issues with the Welsh and Scottish Governments, but the urgency today is for MPs in England given the media anticipate an announcement from Westminster on Tuesday. 

We have discussed the practical implications of the First Minister’s announcement with Welsh Government. From this, we understand that so long as virus is controlled, 13 July is date for reopening Welsh self-contained accommodation (with own kitchen and bathroom) including on caravan parks. Day visits would not be possible whilst Welsh parks are closed by law so caravan owners would need to await 13 July to return, even for a visit.

The same issues on tourers and motorhomes (see above and below) were addressed. Welsh Government are now considering these; we will forward their announcement as soon as it is received.

Please retweet addressed to your MP:

Guidance for your URGENT email your MP in ENGLAND

 You are the constituent – they will respond to you!

You can find the email address for your MP here

 Please use all your charm, be friendly and persuasive, you are asking your politician for their help

Dear Name of MP 

I am your constituent and have closed Park Name, in Park location to fight this virus. We are working to support our customers and staff team and still hoping our business won’t fail, but need your urgent help please.

We learn from the media that that hotels and holiday parks are to reopen in July, but that accommodation with shared facilities, like a campsite may have to wait longer, on this link and here.

Could you please raise this with the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Office and DCMS, indeed with anyone who you feel could assist us as a matter of urgency as the decision has not yet been made, but an announcement is anticipated on Tuesday.

We do not recognise any scientific logic in these reports, and it would be unfair.

We already know of the very reduced risks from COVID-19 in the fresh air of the great outdoors that we provide to our customers.

WC and shower facilities are already in use for lorry drivers in motorway service stations, and factory workers as well as in shops, offices and public conveniences. They have been used on campsites by key workers throughout the lockdown. If the media are to be believed, then we may see pubs and restaurants opened before campsites, and I sincerely hope that they will not be opening without customers’ access to their WCs!

Like static holiday caravans, most touring caravans and motorhomes have their own kitchens and bathrooms. On a serviced pitch, there are no shared facilities. On an unserviced pitch, the touring caravan or motorhome owner would need to access the water and waste point every few days. This is simply the use of a tap, so the risks involved are akin to those of using a petrol pump, although with far fewer uses. We already have COVID-19 procedures in place for hand sanitising and frequent cleaning to prevent a virus spread.

Further, the holidays we provide are amongst the most socially inclusive and affordable. Given the financial strain on all, it cannot be right that whilst the rich can take a holiday, families with fewer resources could not access a camping holiday.

I ask please for your urgent assistance in this.

Thank you in anticipation,

Your Name

Name of business




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