Outdoor brands line up to support Mend Our Mountains

The OIA’s ongoing partnership with the BMC’s Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million appeal has entered an exciting new phase. Leading brands including Cotswold Outdoor and Snow+Rock have come on board to support the path repair campaign, run in partnership with all 15 of the UK’s National Parks. The OIA has set a target to raise more than £100,000 from the outdoor industry and BMC representatives will talk at our conference on 14th and 15th March about the potential for further commercial partnerships with OIA member organisations.

Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million is a call to action to everyone who values the hills, mountains and landscapes of Britain. It aims to galvanise mass support for things we all use: the paths, bridleways and bridges which underpin our experiences in the great outdoors.

Headline Sponsorship for the Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million appeal is being provided by Cotswold Outdoor and Snow + Rock, as announced by OIA Board Member Greg Niewunhwys, CEO of Outdoor and Cycle Concepts, who introduced the appeal at the BMC’s November launch event in Westminster.

They will be joined by British manufacturer of outdoor wear Montane, who also have exciting plans in the works to support the appeal.

The OIA is delighted to partner with the BMC and its charity, the Access and Conservation Trust (ACT), to help deliver commercial partnerships and sponsorship opportunities within the outdoor sector which will provide funding, voluntary opportunities and in-kind donations for the range of projects involved.

As the outdoor industry lines up behind Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million, it is now your chance to get involved as well.

You may have seen the last Mend Our Mountains campaign, a crowdfunding appeal run in the first part of 2016, which raised more than £100,000 for mountain paths.

The projects featured in Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million range from the high sub-arctic plateau of the Cairngorms to the gentle coast of the Solent; from England’s highest mountain to the fabled seat of a Welsh giant; from bleakest Dartmoor to one of Scotland’s most well-walked Munros. They include mountain paths, multi-user bridleways and even a brand new bridge.

The BMC and ACT will have representatives at the OIA Conference to discuss the campaign and look at how your brand could partner with the Mend Our Mountains campaign to give something back to the outdoors. These are in no way reserved for the industry’s ‘big players’ – organisations of every size are encouraged to back the campaign in any way they can.

You can get involved directly in any of the following ways:

  • If you would like more information in advance of the conference, please contact Project Co-ordinator Inigo Atkin on inigo@thebmc.co.uk
  • To arrange a meeting at the OIA Conference, please speak to Andrew Denton or Mend Our Mountains Project Lead Carey Davies carey@thebmc.co.uk
  • To make a donation, click here or email one of the addresses above.