Give the gift of Adventure this Christmas

This December, the Youth Adventure Trust is opening the doors on their ‘Advent-ure Calendar’ to share the impact their 3-year outdoor adventure programme has on vulnerable young people’s lives and to raise £10,800 to fund 3 places on the Youth Adventure Programme.

Will you help to open the door to opportunities and help young people realise their full potential through the outdoors? Follow Youth Adventure Trust on social media and share stories from the young people they have helped about how getting outside can be a truly life-changing experience.

Who are the Youth Adventure Trust?

It’s easy to forget that for an 11-year-old the world can be a confusing and daunting place. Often this is because of circumstances out of their control – it may be school ground politics, chaotic homes lives, the pressure of being a young carer, the erosion of self-esteem due to bullying, living in poverty or “looked after” in care, or a lack of positive role models.

We are all very familiar with the benefits outdoor adventure brings – improved mental health, better physical fitness and higher levels of engagement in other activities such as education, to name but a few. The OIA’s own research shows that “People living in deprived communities are 6 timeless likely to have any experience of outdoor activities”. Sadly, most of the young people that the Youth Adventure Trust works with are unlikely to ever have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the outdoors without the support of the charity.

Every year 360 vulnerable young people are inspired by the outdoors through the Youth Adventure Trust’s 3-year programme. Through a series of residential camps, day activities and ongoing support and guidance, the young people build the resilience, develop the confidence and learn the lifelong skills that will help them face the challenges in their lives in a more positive way.

How you can help

You can make a life-changing difference to vulnerable young people by giving the Gift of Adventure this Christmas. Getting involved is easy – just follow the Youth Adventure Trust on social media and if you think the Advent-ure stories behind each day on the Advent-ure Calendar will be of interest to your followers, then share! You can also donate here to give the gift of Adventure this Christmas and help change a young person’s life through the outdoors.

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