NetworkB 2018 encourages leaders in sport to break barriers

On 26th April 2018, one of Europe’s leading sports marketing agencies, Brandwave hosted its third thought leadership event, NetworkB, taking place in Munich overlooking the Eisbach river surf area.

The event was attended by some of the sports industry’s most influential names and brands.

Keynote speakers included Ralph Scholz from The Mirai by McFit and Prof. Dr. Niels Nagal from The German Industry Association for Fitness and Health (DIFG).

The event also included an expert discussion panel including P&G, Black Yak, OC Sport, Icebreaker and renowned journalist, Sissi Pärsch.

Vicky Stickland, MD of Brandwave Germany said, “At Brandwave, we believe in leading from the front. We recognise that collaboration is one of the fastest growing trends within the sports industry.”

Vicky added, “The purpose of NetworkB is to create a more collaborative sports sector. We all experience the same challenges, just in different ways. This event is a space for sport marketing professionals to share insights and ideas, helping the whole industry to grow.

The event addressed innovative and alternative marketing strategies that focused on what brands can do as a global collaborative to improve how the sector operates, and its ability to make a positive difference both inside and outside of the industry.

Anna Livanova, adidas DE Retail Marketing Manager said “We have the right to break barriers and we should collaborate to do so. We can find ways to build a better world by working together and learning from all of our experiences and stories.”

Live polls were incorporated into the event to delve deeper into the topics and give an indication of the standpoint across the represented industries in the room.

“One of the really interesting aspects of this event is understanding different perspectives from our industry; you learn about how each of the different stakeholders view the same challenges and opportunities”, said Andy Tourell, OC Sport, Event Director Extreme Sailing Series.

Ralph Scholz, CEO The Mirai by McFIT said, “A key learning from this event is that to be successful in the future, you have to collaborate and co-operate within the sector.”

Vicky added, “We strongly believe in sport’s ability to be a catalyst for positive change and this year’s NetworkB proved just this.” Brandwave have developed a white paper outlining some of the key learnings from this industry think tank:

The event continued its emphasis on community and collaboration with all proceeds going to Shades of Love, a charity providing sunglasses to those living in areas of the world with particularly damaging UVA/B levels.

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