Are outdoor films taking enough risks? – Take part in the survey and help shape the industry!

Films. Clips. Videos. Stories. Livestreams. Outdoor organisations, brands, athletes and filmmakers pipe a lot of amazing content to our eyeballs.

But are they creating what people actually want to watch?

From climbing to surfing, parkour to trail running, mountain biking to mountaineering, the outdoors is more popular than ever with people of all ages and backgrounds, yet the viewing figures often don’t reflect this diversity.

What does everyone want to see? That’s the question that a major new BMC TV adventure film survey seeks to answer. The survey also aims to find out not only how people are watching adventure films but why, and their motivations for sharing content with others.

The survey is supported by the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA), Kendal Mountain Festival, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and Banff Mountain Festival. It builds on previous Outdoor Industries Association and Sport England research and will give a unique snapshot of how and why the outdoor world watches and shares online video.

The results will be published on the BMC website in mid-2019 and will influence the content on BMC TV and beyond.

We’re asking everyone involved in the outdoors to help share this link:

The survey only takes 5-10 minutes, depending on how active in different outdoor sports people are, and there’s a prize draw for £100 in Cotswold Outdoor/Snow + Rock vouchers.