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The Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) CIC is a non-profit membership organisation that provides advocacy, representation, promotion, leadership and the opportunity for the outdoor recreational industries, to unite with a single common voice. It represents over 200 member organisations that provide products and services for the Outdoor Recreation industry, retailers that sell those products and services, NGO’s, NGBs and other organisations which operate in the UK Outdoor Recreation sector.

Its mission is to ‘Engage, Represent and Promote the Outdoor Recreation Industries’ with a long term vision to ‘Get More People Active Outdoors’.

Why Join The OIA?

The OIA UK is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) – which means it does not make a profit, the board  of directors are volunteers and your membership donations can be taken against tax.We are a high profile, campaigning organisation that provides leadership and promotes the outdoors, persuasively representing the industries’ interests in all activities at every level. We invest our funds into not only securing direct membership benefits for your business but also undertaking key activities to support the outdoor sector as a whole, such as:

The OIA is the trade association that supports and represents the UK outdoor industries.

The OIA represents a wide range of organisations that operate in the outdoor industries.