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We are really proud to be able to tell you that the first lorry with outdoor products is now on its way to Ukraine. Read it HERE


Please note that this document will be updated as an when we receive more information.


The OIA has linked with our sister organization, the Polish Outdoor Group(POG), in an effort to help members send outdoor equipment donations to where they are most needed with the minimum of fuss.

If you have your own project, distribution channels, East European distributor and are confident you can get the right gear to the people in need, then please, continue to do so, and share your project with us to promote. Send details to

If you would like to help but are not sure this is what we suggest equipment priorities right now are:

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Head torches or hand torches
  • First Aid Kits

First CONFIRM your donation by emailing Piotr at POG on

Piotr will then pass you details of a Polish shipping address. He is working with local outdoor distributors and Nikita Balabanov, the well- known Ukrainian alpinist helping get the right gear to the right places.

If you do not know how to send items to Poland easily, then, the OIA are working on a simple instruction sheet to help with the export / Brexit complications of this process.

Please contact us if:

  1. You do know how to do this and can advise others
  2. You don’t know and want out help

Outdoor GB: Outdoor industry shipments to Ukraine

If you can spare outdoor products these are all desperately needed by the many millions of Ukrainians defending or displaced within Ukraine itself.

OutdoorGB has sent products to Kyiv, Mariupol and other Ukrainian locations and is now consolidating deliveries from all sources to be shipped inside of Ukraine where it is most needed. British, Polish & Ukrainian drivers are delivering urgently needed supplies and if you have any products you can spare, Edward Giles at will be delighted to hear from you.

Your generosity will be very much appreciated but if you would prefer not to have your name published as a donor please let us know. We receive photos of delivered goods which we are happy to share.

Describing and grouping items helps the recipients to distribute each category of product quickly and effectively, so if you are able, please help them by following the guidelines below:-

  • Men’s or Women’s socks, boots, jackets, baselayer, sleeping bags, powerbanks, torches or headtorches, AA batteries, sleeping mats, binoculars or spotting scopes or any other useful outdoor accessories are all urgently needed.
  • Cosmetic defects are not a problem but please ensure every item is clean and functional.
  • If possible, it’s most helpful to supply each item in a numbered clear plastic bag.
  • If you can, please list your numbered products on a spreadsheet showing:
    • Product name/Description
    • Colour
    • Size and
    • Barcode if possible.
  • Please send your spreadsheet to together with details and ETA of shipment you are sending us.
  • Bulk products supplied by carton do not require individual bagging or numbering.

Your products will be consolidated into categories, labelled, boxed and palletised before being collected by Van-Aid, our partners for transfer to the 1st stop in Poland.

All these outdoor products can be lifesavers to those trying to survive in desperate conditions so please do contribute if you are able.

Our address for deliveries is:-

ExtremeGB Ltd

t/a OutdoorGB

2-10 Bentley Way


NN11 8QH

Media statement by the European Outdoor Group:
Ukraine – humanitarian support from the outdoor industry

The core purpose of the European Outdoor Group is to promote and lead on pre-competitive cooperation in the outdoor industry, with actions that are for the betterment of people and the planet. Underpinning all of this is a commitment to mutual respect and an implicit dedication to peace. As events unfold in Ukraine, we must express that desire for peace more explicitly.

At this very moment, we are witnessing the mass displacement of families and individuals in the harsh cold of winter – it is both a great tragedy, and an immediate humanitarian priority. As an outdoor industry association, we may not have the ability to influence military actions, but we can mobilise our members and the wider sector to aid the innocent civilians who are being affected by those actions. Our industry specialises in the design, manufacture, and production of kit that can help people in the harshest conditions, and we can step up now to provide assistance. This is not a marketing opportunity, it’s a call to action.

Our colleagues at the Polish Outdoor Group, KEEN (through its Polish distributor), and at the Scandinavian Outdoor Group are already coordinating efforts to acquire and distribute outdoor gear to refugees who are fleeing from the conflict, and other affected individuals. They are active in the nations bordering the conflict areas and can identify what assistance is needed, and how to deliver it. The EOG team is in close contact with them and we are working to clarify specific emerging needs or efforts that are currently underway, which our other members and external partners might support.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adapt our approach accordingly. However, for the moment, our message is clear. This is an urgent humanitarian crisis and outdoor companies can help civilians on the ground who are in need. If you can assist, please let us know and we will facilitate that.

Any outdoor industry organisation that is able to offer materials or products to support civilians affected by the conflict in Ukraine can contact:

KEEN to donate €50,000 to support Ukrainian refugees. KEEN implores Outdoor industry & companies to act and do all they can to help

Our thoughts are with the people and families whose lives are affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Today, KEEN has made the commitment of €50,000 in cash and products to support Ukrainian refugees at the Poland, Slovakia and Hungary borders. 

Cash donations will be driven through the Red Cross and Global Giving to provide immediate support to local organisations. In addition,  KEEN has teamed up with local distributors in Poland and Czech Republic, MM Sport and Outdoor Concept, to support Ukrainian refugees at the Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian borders, with footwear and other essentials.

More than half a million people  have fled Ukraine since Russia began its invasion last week, the head of the UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Monday. The refugees are  predominantly women, children and the elderly.  Some walked many miles through the night while others fled by train, car or bus, forming lines kilometres long at border crossings with neighbouring countries: Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia  The numbers, and the ensuing need,  are expected to increase.

Working with European Outdoor Group (EOG)  in asking the outdoor industry to join in support the efforts

Working alongside the EOG, KEEN is asking other outdoor companies to act by doing what they can to support those affected by this conflict.  Support can include cash as well as essential items like clothing, food, personal hygiene products and  bedding to distribute to refugees displaced by the fighting in Ukraine.  KEEN Fans can also make donations directly to Global Giving

Ellis Brigham Mountain sport supports Ukraine Crisis

We noticed locally that Wythenshawe Hospital (the largest hospital in Manchester) was collecting for the cause. We contacted them and Ellis (our founder) has worked tirelessly gathering stock and “second life” collections together to get it ready for shipment on Friday. In fact, he has ended up volunteering our services to transport what the hospital collects as well and getting it all to a warehouse in Bury ready to go direct to where it is needed. There will be more opportunities like this, locally near all our stores and as time passes so please do not think you have missed the opportunity. We need to keep collecting from our customers and ourselves and donating whatever we can.

The larger charities who are most proactive in supporting the Ukrainian refugees are UNICEF and Red Cross. If you have not any kit suitable to give to the cause, then please consider making a donation to these charities as they have the experience of dealing with these tragic circumstances.

I’m sure you will join us in praying for a swift and bloodless end to this horrific humanitarian tragedy.

DMM - Ukraine Support

As we watch the horrific scenes unfold as civilians flee the war in Ukraine, and in partnership with our friends in Poland – Camper Distribution, we’d like to ask for some help.

Our aim is to gather the following specialist kit through donations:

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Bivi Bags and Survival Blankets
  • First Aid Kits
  • Head Torches
  • Warm Socks
  • Warm Gloves
  • Pre-Packed Camping Food/Ration Packs

It must be clean, useable, good quality and functional.

We’ve been asked not to ship clothing at present as there is already a surplus, so we won’t be able to accept clothing donations.

We’ll be accepting donations at our Llanberis base on:

  • Saturday 5th March 09:00 till 16:00
  • Sunday 6th March 09:00 till 16:00

On these days we’ll also be holding a factory seconds sale at the drop off location with the support of V12 Outdoors and Joe Browns.  Please pay what you can, and every last penny will go to the British Red Cross to support their efforts as part of the DEC efforts.

We are also asking some of our friends and customers around the UK to act as drop off centres so that if you can’t make it to Llanberis, you can drop it off with them and we’ll sort the delivery to Llanberis.

We’ll then arrange the logistics of getting the shipments through to our friends in Poland who are working with the local humanitarian organisations at the border.

SportPursuit - Ukraine Crisis Response

Together with our colleagues and partners across the outdoor industry, SportPursuit stands in support of the people of Ukraine. In such a moment of crisis everyone can play a part – however small – to help those in need. We’re joining members of the Outdoor Industry Association to donate essential warm clothing to the families affected by this international crisis that has hit so close to home. With each act of support, together we can make a difference.

Outdoor & Cycle Concepts - Ukraine Crisis Response

At O&CC we are preparing a shipment of goods (winter jackets, sleeping bags,…). We have almost a full truckload. Right now we are looking for a charity or organisation that will take it and are in discussion with the Polish Outdoor Group to ensure they get to where they are needed the most.

Haglöfs - Ukraine Crisis Response


We stand with Ukraine. We can’t stop the war, but we can help make a little difference for the people suffering from the destruction, chaos, and pain that it causes.

Today we have donated 200 000 SEK to UNHCR to support their work in providing shelter to the families forced to flee. We are also collecting warm clothing, footwear and blankets to be shipped off as soon as possible.

If you want to help too, please consider a monetary donation to UNHCR or UNICEF. We can all help make a difference for the people of Ukraine.



Patagonia - Together we are stronger

Give what you can,

and we’ll match it. Twice.*

We are outraged. This war has no place in an equitable world—especially one in the grip of emergencies in energy and climate.

The people of Ukraine need our help now. We’ve made a financial donation to three groups on the ground, providing emergency aid. And we are asking you to join us. Give what you can and we’ll double match your donation (so you give 1, and we give 2).

We are in business to save our home planet. And we can only do it together.

AMG Group - Ambassador Tim Bradshaw Ukraine support

For the last week to ten days, at AMG Group we have considered how we could get involved as a business in supporting the atrocious events which have unfolded in Ukraine. On Tuesday evening, one of our brand ambassadors, Tim Bradshaw, decided he and his team would repurpose their Project Dakar vans and trailers, loading up with required kit (as dictated by former military contacts on the ground) and drive to the Polish/Ukrainian border, to a receiving centre for Ukrainians escaping their homes.  We have donated thousands of Wayfayrer meals and hundreds of Vango sleeping bags to this effort which will be loaded at AMG’s distribution centre on Friday 11th of March, ready for a convoy departure on the 15th of March.

We’re thrilled to be able to support this effort, where our kit will directly make a difference in providing food and warmth for some of those displaced, and we’re filled with admiration for Tim, and his teams #becauseIcan approach, to supporting this crisis.

Exxel Outdoors (Kelty & Sierra Designs) - Ukraine support

Exxel Outdoors (Kelty & Sierra Designs) are sending 2500 sleeping bags to Ukraine directly from our Haleyville Factory in Alabama. Our International Sales manager is Ukrainian and is coordinating but from the UK we have given him the details from the OIA about shipping to Poland last night for which he was exceptionally grateful.

He is working directly with our Ukrainian Distributor in Odessa but as the landscape is changing daily he’s exploring all options before shipping.

Canadian Tire Corporation Temporarily Pauses Helly Hansen Operations in Russia

Canadian Tire Corporation announced it will temporarily pause its Helly Hansen operations in Russia, which include its retail stores, eCommerce site and product shipments. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is tragic and deeply concerning and CTC’s priority will continue to be protecting the safety and well-being of its employees. During this temporary pause in operations, store employees will continue to be paid and supported and the Company will continue to honour its commercial obligations.

Helly Hansen operates 41 retail locations and employs over 300 people in Russia. The situation is extremely critical and fast moving. CTC is dedicated to navigating through this reality with the best interests of its people as its highest priority.

CTC is committed to helping those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine and has made a $200,000 donation to the Red Cross’ Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. The Company is also committing up to $500,000 in support of the thousands of Ukrainian refugees who will be arriving in Canada. In addition, CTC’s retail locations across the country will be collecting donations for the Red Cross’ Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

Wolverine Worldwide - Response to Ukraine Crisis

Over the past several weeks all of us have watched the tragic events unfolding throughout Ukraine and reverberating across the globe. The violence there has resulted in a significant humanitarian crisis, and immediate help is needed both in and around Ukraine. To help address this crisis Wolverine Worldwide has committed a total of $1.5 million in support. This includes donations of $100,000 towards UNICEF’s relief efforts in Ukraine; 13,200 pairs of footwear to the Polish Red Cross for distribution to refugees; and 2,500 units of footwear and apparel to Leger Des Heils for distribution to refugees.

This support embodies our core values to “Do the Right Thing – Always” and “Make the World a Better Place,” and over the coming days and weeks we will continue looking for ways support the Ukrainian people.

BMC - Supporting Ukrainians impacted by the humanitarian crisis

Ways in which BMC members can help those suffering from the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

There are many ways in which BMC members can help those Ukrainians affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis, from offering our homes to refugees to donating money, goods and clothing. The BMC community has always been willing to lend help to those in need, and we encourage our members and the wider British outdoor community to take part and support those that are struggling due to the impact of events beyond their control.

You can read more by clicking the link below to the BMC website.

Stephen Newlands
Managing Director, AMG Group

The industry is not just about the big guys, we need to represent the rank and file of our industry because the independent retailer is absolutely essential for the survival of our business.