Andrew Denton

If we get more people active outdoors, we will fundamentally change the lives of people in Great Britain.

Greg Mulholland MP
MP and member of the APPG on Mountaineering & Outdoors

The OIA has become a strong voice and a respected player in the whole agenda of health, well-being and inclusion. It’s great that the OIA is now seen as a voice that needs to be listened to as part of all those agendas.

Paddy Harrop
Head of Marketing, Forestry Commission England

The Forestry Commission are an active provider of multiple outdoor recreation projects to increase community participation in outdoor activity – from mountain bike trail centres to guided trail runs, from competitive adventure races to the family Gruffalo trails – we are certain much of our work contributes to the OIA’s mission to ‘Get Britain Active Outdoors’ . The OIA provides great opportunities for us to meet industry colleagues and learn from others. This is why we are members of the OIA, attend the OIA conferences and seminars, and enjoy working together on research and participation development.

Mary Rose
Co-Founder, OutdoorGearCoach

We joined OIA following the outstanding OIA conference, which was one of those events that anyone with any interest in the outdoor industry would want to attend and be part of. We were enormously impressed by the vibrancy and atmosphere.

Stephen Newlands
Managing Director, AMG Group

The industry is not just about the big guys, we need to represent the rank and file of our industry because the independent retailer is absolutely essential for the survival of our business.

Corry Taylor
Managing Director, Bradshaw Taylor

The OIA’s annual conference has quickly developed into an essential event on the trade calendar. The international speakers, workshops and networking elements are all of the highest standard and the social side of the conference is also really fun!

Darin Reisman
Director of International Relations and Market Research, Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV)

Congratulations on an extremely well-run conference. I personally thought that the venue was fantastic, and the morning’s keynote speakers on Tuesday of the highest caliber. Thanks as well for allowing OSV the opportunity to present the French market to OIA UK members.

Craig Wareham
CEO, ViewRanger

We talk to each other. We discuss the issues. Genuinely, relationships get built and actions happen and I think that’s to the credit of the OIA for bringing that together.

Mark Held
CEO, European Outdoor Group (EOG)

Over the last few years the OIA has grown into one of the most successful National Outdoor Trade Associations in the world. Their policy of concentrating on the really important issues that face the UK industry has been incredibly successful and really demonstrates the vital role that such organisations can play. The EOG is fully supportive of the OIA’s mission and we’ve had the privilege of working closely with the OIA team on both UK, and European wide issues. Irrespective of the current turmoil surrounding the UK’s wish to exit from the European Union, the OIA will continue to be a valuable, core part of the European outdoor industry business.

Jennie Price
CEO, Sport England

The most important aspect of this work (OIA) is the impact it could have on the health of the nation. It could engage people to take part in outdoor activity, including people who might never go to the gym or walk on a football pitch but who will happily go to the park or walk up a mountain.

Lee Bagnall
CEO, JD Sports Outdoor Division

JD Outdoor are proud to sit on the board of the OIA – we invest time and resource into it and believe it helps pull the industry together and speak with a louder voice than even JD Outdoor Group could alone. We encourage our suppliers to give something back and support the work the OIA does for the industry.

Caroline White
Former CEO, YHA

By coming together, we have become a really strong voice in the development of the Government’s new sporting strategy.

Richard Leedham
CEO, Equip Outdoor Technologies

Working together with other industry partners is the best way to influence change and ensure that the outdoor voice is heard loud and clear.

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