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We have merged our jobs board with Profile Bulletin to create the UK’s premier job vacancy listing site for the outdoor industry, that represents the entire spectrum of the outdoor market.

So whether you operate in any of the following sectors with an outdoor focus of some description then your vacancy will be at home here.

  • Retail, manufacturing and distribution
  • National governing body, association, charity or government body/department
  • Activity, education or training provider
  • Operate in the adventure travel or activity holiday market
  • B2B or B2C service provider

This merger does mean the end of free posts for OIA members, however, all adverts will be visible on both the OIA’s and Profile Bulletin’s websites and every vacancy submission will go to supporting the OIA.

For showing your continued support, all OIA members will receive a 15% discount on every vacancy posted to the two sites.

Submit your vacancy now by contacting Profile Bulletin with the vacancy details:

open positions

Stephen Newlands
Managing Director, AMG Group

The industry is not just about the big guys, we need to represent the rank and file of our industry because the independent retailer is absolutely essential for the survival of our business.

Did you know?Your vacancy will be displayed on both the OIA's and Profile Bulletin's jobs board.

Display your vacancy on the UK's premier outdoor industry focused job site, with OIA members receiving a 15% discount!