Dear Outdoor Recreation Industry partner,

Today we are launching a regular newsletter to brief the sector as best we can on the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on business. We are hoping this will be daily, but it will all depend on the flow of information – we want to help, and as the industry trade body we think we are in a position to do so.

The OIA has access to the Tourism Industry Emergency Response group TIER and will be able to collate and curate information, links and resources the minute the government releases them or updates them. They will be the core body of your daily briefings and will include live links to the government website and other useful sites.

In addition we will post links, documents and helpful resources on this page. We will add an option for you to upload and share relevant resources you have found helpful for your business so the sector can support each other.

Andrew our CEO has been working 24/7 during these  first few days with Sport England, UK Active, Public Health England and around 35 other associations and industry bodies to bring together a consortium of Outdoor players – the joint release is available here.

This group will stay together, we hope may contribute here. Many of them are consumer focused and the OIA are also helping to lead a consumer response to entertain and engage and inspire as folks are locked down, unable to get out. We have been in talks all this week on this and hope to launch a joint venture end of the week.

Starting today, we have attached the exact wording of the latest government ‘lockdown’ advice, and a full update on useful links from TIER

Stay in touch, tell us which resources you are finding helpful, tell us what else you want.  We are a small non-profit, we have very limited resources but we are incredibly well connected , we will do all we can to leverage those contacts and help bring together the industry.

The OIA core team is Andrew the CEO and Marta and Alasdair at MCS all of whom are self- employed. We are all working from home, have shut down all unavoidable OIA costs to run as lean and as long as we can on significantly reduced resource base.  Your support is much appreciated.

Speak to you tomorrow – and please let us know if we are on track.