Plas y Brenin // Lockdown Learning

  • 19th Nov 7:30-9 – ‘Navigation in Winter’ |Price: Free


Winter conditions pose additional challenges to hill walkers, mountaineers and climbers; features that would normally provide welcoming waymarks might be blanketed by snow, and whiteout conditions can easily disorient and send you off the wrong way. Having confidence in your kit, with solid strategies and skills, will help keep you on the right track. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Winterising your navigation tools – looking at different map types and understanding which scale for which area, handy compass attachments and much more.
  • Practising your skills with gloves and goggles – these can make things look and feel very different to summer, so some practice is key to help you stay slick.
  • Strategies for navigation in winter

26th Nov 7:30-9 – ‘Avalanche Safety – Snow and Terrain’ | Price: Free


Avalanches are a serious risk in the UK and should not be underestimated; last winter season 299 avalanches were reported in Scotland alone, and sadly fatalities do happen. Taking some time to understand the risks involved will be well invested to help you avoid becoming part of the statistics. In the first of two sessions on avalanche safety, we’ll give you a better understanding of snow and terrain, and how these interact to create avalanches.

2nd Dec 7:30-9 – ‘Avalanche Safety – Planning and Heuristics’ | Price: Free


The second session in our avalanche safety series will focus on planning and decision making. We’ll look at how to use avalanche and weather forecasts, and how to then apply this information to choose suitable objectives. We’ll then consider the decision-making process at home, on the hill, and at key places, as per the Scottish Avalanche Information Service’s Be Avalanche Aware framework. We’ll also discuss human factors / heuristic traps. This should serve as a good introduction or reminder before you hit the white stuff!

10th Dec 7:30-9 – ‘Winter Mountain Leader – What You Need to Know to Succeed’ | Price: £10


This session is for anybody considering, or already working towards the Winter Mountain Leader qualification. We’ll tailor the session to the needs of attendees as much as possible, so if there are any specific areas you’d like to cover then please get in touch and let us know.