Britain on Foot steps up to join forces with Change4Life

Britain on Foot steps up to join forces with Change4Life

 Britain on Foot steps up to join forces with Change4Life

The soon to be launched Britain on Foot project has received a timely boost thanks to a planned link up with a major government campaign. The Department of Health’s healthy living initiative, Change4Life, will be partnering with BoF to help people be more active outdoors as part of its long-running campaign to get the nation to eat well, move more and live longer.

Led by the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA), Britain on Foot (BoF) is a campaign that is designed to get the people of Britain fitter, healthier and happier by encouraging them to participate in outdoor activities. To ensure that BoF reaches as big an audience as possible, the OIA is working closely with organisations such as the British Mountaineering Council and The Ramblers, and with many individual businesses and organisations that operate in the outdoor sector.

Since its launch in 2009, Change4Life has driven campaigns to increase the nation’s activity levels. It has become one of the UK’s most instantly recognisable brands in health improvement and enjoys high levels of trust and involvement from both the public and private sectors. Change4Life works with local and national partners to create a movement in which everyone in society plays their part in promoting and encouraging behaviours that can help people lead healthier lives.

The OIA and Change4Life are working together closely to finalise the details of a Britain on Foot strand to the project. The partnership will be launched as part of a Change4Life activity based campaign this summer, which will coincide with a forthcoming cross-government ‘active travel’ agenda. Once launched, this will be highlighted on the Change4Life website, which has over 500,000 supporters.

Andrew Denton, chief executive of the OIA, comments:
“This is a really significant collaboration and means that the messages behind Britain on Foot are destined to reach the hundreds of thousands of people who have signed up to Change4Life. We’re delighted to be able to add an outdoor element to this important programme, which in turn is going to help us reach an even bigger audience with Britain on Foot.

“Businesses from all parts of the outdoor industries have already developed many Britain on Foot initiatives and I hope that this new partnership will mean that some of those will now also gain extra profile through Change4Life. There is still plenty of scope for other companies to come forward with new ideas and projects to support these crucial campaigns and help get the nation healthier and happier.”

Full details of the partnership between Britain on Foot and Change4Life will be revealed ahead of the joint initiative going live this summer. The Britain on Foot campaign will begin at the start of May.

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