Help needed from suppliers to take Designers of the Future forward

Lisa Alberti, a design teacher at Manchester creative and Media Academy was the winner of the OIA 2008 Innovation for Extremes prize.  She is using her prize experience to inspire 14-16yr old technology and design students to become the next generation of innovators.

The project was piloted in her school last year and involves:

  1. Introducing the students to the outdoors to carry out primary research to develop understanding of activities and functionality.
  2. Researching existing designs
  3. Developing final designs and prototyping
  4. Field testing
  5. Bringing the results back to Innov_ex 2010

And now the project is finally due to start!

Lisa, Project Tutor at Manchester Creative and Media Academy, said: “We have become a new Academy this year, so commencing the research into our design and make project has been put on hold until 1st November.We have selected our year 9 Gifted and Talented Design group, and are now looking for your help in acquiring existing waterproof jackets to analyse and evaluate.

We are looking for 15 garments to loan.

If anyone could come into school to discuss the garments with the pupils, that would be even better!”

Contact Lisa here 

To find out more about Lisa's project visit Innovation for Extremes website.