Innov_ex 08 winner reaches out to the Trade

Innov_ex 08 winner reaches out to the Trade

Lisa Alberti , a design teacher at a Manchester inner city school was winner of the 2009 Innovation for Extremes prize. She is using her prize experience to inspire 14-16 year old technology and design students to become the next generation of innovations . A group of 5 year 10 students (GSCE year) with little outdoor experience have been selected for her project and faced with the challenge of designing original eco-friendly and functional garments.

The project was piloted in her school last year and involves :

1. Introducing the students to the outdoors to carry out primary research to develop understanding of activities and functionality
2. Researching existing designs
3. Developing final designs and prototyping
4. Field testing
5. Bringing results back to Innov_ex 2010

She needs help from OIA members with materials – fabrics, zips buckles, Velcro etc.  In addition if any one could offer their expertise in the area with garment demonstrations, presentations, or mini workshops that will aid the pupils all help gratefully received.

You can get in touch with Lisa on:, or tel: 07984780551

For more information on Lisa's project or Innov_ex visit