Latest OIA research

  Despite the economic downturn, 54% of core consumers do not intend to reduce their spending on outdoor products and only 13% will cut back (33% are undecided).

  The results of the research support other evidence that the sector is more resilient than some in time of recession, and also highlights some developing trends.

  Although the majority of people still intend to spend the same as in previous years, 64% will now look more closely at price when choosing outdoor products.  Considering recent purchases, 70% have bought through specialist outdoor stores and 27% have used specialist online outdoor retailers.

  Although 54% of outdoor consumers still make most of their purchases in store in person, only 28% now only buy their products in store.

  This year’s research also tested attitudes towards environmental issues and explored consumer buying patterns and intentions relating to outdoor clothing and footwear.

  As the economic downturn continues, it is heartening to hear that our consumers intend to maintain their investment in outdoor products.  Despite the prevailing economic conditions, this does offer opportunities for outdoor businesses and the OIA will continue to work hard to direct consumers to the products and services of our members.”

  Material will also be hosted in the members’ area of the OIA website.  Non members will be able to purchase the research upon request.