Nikwax hits carbon emission goals 18 months ahead of schedule

Aftercare and waterproofing specialist Nikwax has announced a significant milestone in its sustainability journey by successfully achieving its scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emission reduction goals 18 months earlier than originally planned.

Back in 2022 Nikwax released its Sustainability Report, committing to 20 projects to meet its sustainability goals by 2025.  By achieving its target of a 30% reduction in scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions ahead of schedule, Nikwax has demonstrated its unwavering dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and mitigating its impact on the planet and people.

Brian Davidson, Nikwax CEO comments: “We are delighted with our results of achieving our scope 1 and 2 carbon emission goals a full 18 months earlier than scheduled and are focused on our scope 3 goals and new science-based targets.  We are committed to investing in the continued development of sustainable products that deliver high performance for our customers and feel the urgency to do more to help protect the planet and support people.”

As the leading brand in PFAS-free aftercare products, Nikwax strongly believes that it has a fundamental responsibility to lead by example with regards to preserving the natural environment and preventing further damage to the planet.  The brand was founded on these principles and now as a global business, selling products in over 50 countries, Nikwax’s core values and principles remain the same. The company continues to be well respected for its innovative, sustainable, ethical, fair practices that are passionately delivered.

In addition to achieving its carbon emission goals Nikwax has succeeded in progressing in all six fields of action that were part of the brand’s sustainability roadmap since its launch in January 2022:

The six fields of action set out are as follows with achievements to date outlined:

  • Clean chemistry: Nikwax aftercare products are water-based, PFAS-free and the brand has never used aerosols.  Goal:  To continue to produce high performance products that don’t harm people or the planet by adhering to a Chemical Management System in line with the guidelines provided by the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) non-governmental organisation. Status: Nikwax has improved its verified Higg FEM score by 13%.
  • Climate Action: Nikwax’s operational emissions have been carbon balanced from day one and a climate action plan is in place to do more.  It is dedicated to take action and combat further climate change and its negative impact on the planet and people.  Goal:  To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025.  Status: Nikwax has achieved targets early and committed to doing more.
  • Conservation: Nikwax currently partners with conservation organisations to help to conserve the natural world and is active on a local, national and global level on initiatives to help to protect and preserve nature for future generations.  Goal:  To continue our conservation work at a global and local level. Status:  Nikwax works with World Land Trust, Conservation Alliance and EOCA on a global level as well as undertaking local conservation initiatives.
  • Circularity: To combat the global waste problem it’s vital to keep materials in the loop for as long as possible by buying quality, ethically sourced and produced gear, with regular care applied to extend its life. Nikwax products enhance the performance and extend the life of outdoor clothing, footwear and gear and ensure materials used within the organisation are kept in the loop as long as possible.   Goal:  By the end of 2023 90% of all single use plastic purchased by Nikwax will be made from recycled plastic.  Status:  Nikwax products are packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles and caps and the company has achieved zero HQ waste to landfill.
  • Ethical and Fair: As a values-orientated organisation, Nikwax believes in treating the people it works with fairly and equally.  Goal:  To continue to treat employees, suppliers and partner brands fairly and ethically.  Status: Nikwax achieved Ethical Employer status verified by Sedex. Developed a supplier scorecard to help increase sustainability in our value chain.
  • Employee Owned: Nikwax is part of an Employee Owner Trust (EOT) meaning all employees are stakeholders in the company.  Goal:  To continue to make a positive contribution to the world and the communities we work in by ensuring that the sustainable development and production of our products is placed above short term financial gain  Status:  Nikwax successfully transitioned to an EOT in 2022 and is building on founding values to ensure a sustainable future for the company, the planet and its people.

 The updated Sustainability Report can be viewed here.