Mind Over Mountains’ Project 500 aims to raise £500,000 before June 2025

At the recent OIA Conference, Alex Staniforth spoke passionately about Mind Over Mountains, the mental health charity he founded in 2020, and its work to support people’s mental health through walking in nature with the support of specialist coaches and counsellors. Alex also spoke about Project 500, Mind Over Mountains’ ambitious campaign to raise £500,000 before June 2025, his 30th birthday.

As Alex told us last week, “Reaching the age of 30 is a major milestone for lots of people. But sadly, more people won’t reach that milestone, with suicide now the biggest killer of people under 35 in the UK”. Alex will be undertaking three high profile fundraising challenges in the next fifteen months, in a bid to encourage individuals and organisations to get outdoors, boost their wellbeing and to raise money for the charity, and he is eager for OIA members to come forward to support the campaign in a variety of different ways.

In particular, at this point, Mind Over Mountains are seeking a small number of sponsors who can support the launch and development of the campaign. That will involve prominent brand opportunities, which they expect to include national print and broadcast media, social media and branded merchandise. If your team are keen for a physical challenge for a good cause this could also be a perfect opportunity. For more information, please contact Alex.