A new panel-show podcast sharing diverse views on the outdoors news in the UK launches this month.

On The Outside is a news-panel podcast for people who spend leisure time outdoors in the UK. It will cover news stories from a range of sports and general outdoors recreation. Plus it will talk about the relevant social issues that permeate and feed into the outside sector.  This is the first podcast to use the news-panel format to inform listeners about important issues in
the UK outdoors scene. It aims to encourage listeners to try new activities and help them engage in the wider outdoor community. It is particularly aimed at those who feel misaligned with the current outdoors narrative.

Produced by ‘epilepsy adventurer’ Francesca Turauskis, it features a rotating panel (3 per episode) who come from different sports but are all passionate about getting outside.  Francesca said: “The outdoors sector traditionally has a very narrow narrative of what an ‘outdoorsy’ person is. Interview podcasts are a great way of raising consciousness about experiences outside that narrative – but having been on both sides of the process, I noticed a power dynamic in interviews that takes away agency from the interviewee. I was being asked the same questions, often reliving the trauma of my diagnosis, and talking about the barriers I’ve faced. It made me feel more like an outsider, and I knew others must be feeling the same. On The Outside is a way to break the cycle and engage in social issues that permeate the outdoors. I am so excited about the panel and I can’t wait to start having conversations that go beyond telling our own stories.”

The On The Outside trailer will be launching on Friday 16th July, and will be available on all major podcast platforms. (Please email to request a copy pre-launch copy) The pilot episode will be recorded 28th July to go out Friday 30th July.