Antje von Dewitz receives the GEM Award 2021 “The clear stance gives the brand a profile”

Antje von Dewitz, managing director of the outdoor company VAUDE, receives the GEM Award 2021 for her successful, sustainable brand management. VAUDE has succeeded in anchoring sustainability in the sense of an economic, social and ecological balance throughout the company and in clearly representing the values ??associated with it. This clear positioning has strengthened the brand and increased its level of awareness as well as its desirability. VAUDE enjoys a high level of credibility and a high level of trust – the company thus fulfills precisely the needs that are increasingly important to conscious consumers.

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“The way in which Antje von Dewitz integrates corporate success, purpose, sustainability and work-life balance in brand management is exemplary and forward-looking,” said the jury of the Society for Research on Branding, who participated in this achievement on February 24th this year’s GEM Award. The award ceremony took place digitally as part of the GEM Brand Dialog 2021 and was moderated by Jens Lönneker (GEM President) and Claudia Studtmann (GEM Board of Trustees).

Katharina Reuter, managing director of Unternehmensgrün, the Federal Association for Sustainable Business, gave a moving laudation in which she showed how Antje von Dewitz successfully differentiates the company on the market with her courageous and visionary focus on sustainability. “Antje von Dewitz is a symbolic figure, if think and do business differently in Germany. She is a facilitator, one that shows again and again: It works after all! ”Said laudator Katharina Reuter. This is also the case with the GEM Award, which this year goes to a woman for the first time.

Brands provide orientation

More and more consumers want to live sustainably and shop responsibly – this has been intensified by the Corona crisis. Brands can provide important orientation in an increasingly complex world. “The clear stance gives the brand a profile,” explains Katharina Reuter. “Especially customers who want to consume value-oriented themselves see their values ??clearly represented by VAUDE – this strengthens customer loyalty and increases trust in the brand.”

Sustainability as a success factor

VAUDE shows that sustainability can be credibly and comprehensively integrated into a company. With a strong personal drive, Antje von Dewitz committed herself to the consistently sustainable orientation of the company and did not allow herself to be dissuaded by skeptics or major challenges and efforts. “It was clear to me from the start: We can only be economically successful if we anchor sustainability very deeply. That challenged us a lot, but it also released an incredible amount of energy. Today it makes us strong, agile and future-proof. ”Katharina Reuter is also convinced of this. Like Antje von Dewitz, she campaigns for a rethink in the economy:“ In my eyes, a sustainable orientation is a clear success factor that will become more and more important in the future becomes,

The GEM Award

The Society for Research into Brands (GEM) is a platform that supports companies in their brand activities with scientific arguments and studies. The GEM Award is an honorary award that has been given annually since 2011 to personalities who stand behind a brand and have proven themselves to be thought leaders. The jury is formed by the GEM Board of Trustees.

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