BUFF® reinforces commitment to inclusive cycling with sponsorship of Team AMANI

Team AMANI aims to improve diversity and inclusion in cycling and create equal opportunities for athletes from East Africa.

BUFF® has today announced a new partnership agreement with Team AMANI to become their official sponsor of head and neck products, both for cycling and for day-to-day use. This sponsorship continues the company’s commitment to cycling and inclusion, with a team whose mission is to give opportunities to cyclists from East African countries.

This highly competitive team, made up of cyclists from East Africa, are well into their training program and have a promising future ahead of them. The professional team’s main objectives are to give these cyclists the same opportunities as European riders and support their travel to compete in Europe and the United States.

Founded by Mikel Delagrange, a lawyer specialising in human rights in The Hague; Mike had the opportunity to travel numerous times to different countries in East Africa where he was able to see first-hand the huge amount of potential to partake in cycling, but also could see the numerous difficulties faced to compete at the highest levels.

“Less than 2% of World Tour professionals are African and Team AMANI is removing the barriers that previously prevented Africa from reaching the top of international cycling,” said Delagrange, who was quick to connect his own cycling club with in The Hague, with a formidable team of highly talented cyclists from three existing East African clubs: Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

For Gil Vilar, Sports Marketing Coordinator of BUFF®, “It makes us very happy to be able to join Team AMANI. Being able to help cyclists from East Africa have opportunities in international competitions and being able to make themselves known makes us proud. We look forward to seeing some of these riders in major cycling races soon.”

BUFF® has created an exclusive collection consisting of: Original EcoStretch Multifunctional Neckwear, Lightweight Merino Multifunctional Neckwear, Fastwick Headband, CoolNet UV® Headband and Pack Cycle Cap. Part of the profits from the sale of this exclusive collection will be donated directly to the Team.