Funding for governing bodies to drive participation through innovation

The £6.5m of National Lottery funding will be split between 21 organisations as part of our investment into the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Sports bodies are being helped to use innovative, non-traditional or digital ideas to drive participation thanks to a £6.5 million investment of National Lottery funding.

The money comes as part of our £35m commitment to creating a lasting national impact from the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and will be split between the 21 national governing bodies involved in the Games.

With a focus on improving participation rates in areas of England where activity levels are the lowest, the fund is aimed at helping governing bodies to develop accessible opportunities to engage with disadvantaged communities.

Each governing body will receive up to £500,000, enabling people from all background to take part in sport and physical activity, with our chief executive Tim Hollingsworth excited by the opportunity the funding brings.

“To deliver long-term community impact from the Commonwealth Games, we have to listen to what people need, try out new and different ideas, and support our partners who know what works at a grassroots level for their community,” he said.

“Lasting impact depends on the creation of long-term, inclusive and local opportunities for people to get active, and tackling the inequalities that make it harder for some groups to take part in sport and activity.

“Today’s funding is an opportunity for us to work innovatively with sports to build a national activity legacy, targeting the people and areas who need the most support to get active.”

Our latest Active Lives Survey shows affluence and activity levels are closely linked, with 52.3% of the least affluent people meeting the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation of 150 minutes of activity a week, compared to 71.2% for the most affluent.

It also showed a link between where you live and your activity levels, demonstrating why targeted investments is vital to break down the barriers to getting active.

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