Go Ape – Doing Business a Better Way – Forms Employee Ownership Trust

Founders Rebecca and Tristram Mayhew announced on 23rd October 2021 that 90% of Go Ape shares will be transferred into an Employee Ownership Trust, for the benefit of all current and future employees. The remaining 10% of the business will be retained by Rebecca and Tristram.

Since founding Go Ape in 2002 the proudly independent company has experienced ‘tree-mendous’ growth. Nearly 20 years on they have built a multi-award winning forest adventure business with 35 locations across Britain. It welcomes over a million customers a year and employs a team of a thousand in the UK. Go Ape has also branched out across the pond, operating in 16 states in America.

Go Ape has always felt like part of our family. We knew deep down we would never be comfortable selling the business to investors.”

Rebecca Mayhew, Founder
Tristam & Rebecca Mayhew

“We wanted Go Ape’s employees to own and control this great company we are all so proud of.”

Tristam Mayhew, Founder