Patagonia’s new documentary “The Meaningless Pursuit Of Snow” explores a unique variety of paths into the backcountry

Patagonia launches a new film discovering the lives of skiers and snowboarders finding their place in the snow.

Riding powder is a useless pursuit—yet people across the globe devote their lives to earning their turns. The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow follows five such characters, united by their search for the same essentials: a connection to nature, the joy of the struggle and a backcountry community they call home.

“All of us behind the lens have dedicated an obscene amount of calories to the pursuit of wild, backcountry, snow.” explain the filmmakers at Sweetgrass Productions, Michael James Brown, Nick Waggoner, and Zac Ramras . “The ‘Meaningless’ is an extension of that obsession, mixed with a bit of curiosity, and a question; why do we do this? By pursuing something so ridiculously useless, how have our lives, and the lives of the five in this film, gained so much meaning?”

“In the making of, this beautiful thing happened where we got to explore this life we love so much. We got to ask all these questions of people with wildly different stories, dive into how and why we start sliding on snow in the first place, and what keeps us there, insatiably craving more and more of it. Even after more than 35 years in the mountains, the snow, it’s still…teaching us.”

The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow follows a cast of far-flung characters all united by a backcountry culture so deep it spans languages and generations, and all chasing the same essentials: a connection to nature, the joy of the struggle and to find community in the mountains they call home. Watch the full film here.