Re-Brand for National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes

NICAS Rebrand. Why the change?
NICAS has grown and developed over the years and we are proud of its heritage. During lockdown our team came together to consider NICAS for the future. A key take away was that our branding and naming conventions were inconsistent and confusing to customers with ABCTT, NIBAS, NICAS and various look and feels out there meaning there was no one clear identity for what we provide.


Having a consistent brand identity was a required step in the future direction for our schemes.

What are the changes?

  • We have brought everything under the NICAS brand in order to make our schemes as recognisable and impactful for climbers.
  • This will allow them to build greater affinity with climbers, creating a clear continuity across all courses and a seamless experience.
  • This will also help remove confusion with the NIBAS and ABCTT identities and unifying all who aspire to climb higher with our NICAS ethos of inclusivity.
  • As a result, NICAS can become a strong and widely-recognised brand for all.
  • NICAS gains an underpinning architecture for all of the brand new products that we have in the pipeline for Events, Education, Clip, and Pro (the “how for coaches”) and more. Watch this space…

When do the changes take place?
We will be using our new brand identity from now on. You will see the new logo and related colour scheme across our platforms. By the end of this month, newly branded logbooks (same syllabus for Climbing and Bouldering, with new branding applied) will be available to order through the usual channels.

What about existing branded logbooks?
We recognise that walls will hold stock already. Many walls we spoke to at the ABC conference last week will be looking to bring in the rebranded look in line with their new cohorts at an end of a block. As such we can continue to supply the current logbooks for a limited time. NB: The syllabus for both roped climbing and bouldering products remains the same and as such, we are not mandating that walls need to cease using existing logbook stock at this point.

If you have questions about the rebrand please get in touch.

New Product!

NICAS launched a brand new product at last week’s ABC conference. NICAS Wild Climbers offers a fun, game orientated programme which aims to introduce young children safely into the indoor climbing environment, developing their awareness of climbing movements, improving confidence and creating a grassroots pathway into additional climbing activities.

NICAS Wild Climbers meets the 3 key learning areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which is the precursor to Key Stage 1, and includes Communication, Physical Development and Social / Emotional Development. Additionally the Wild Climbers resources encourage inclusivity whilst also allowing the skill areas to be individualised when setting personal goals.

Watch our video to get a feel for this exciting new offering from NICAS and get in touch to find out more and to see how your wall can deliver this product.

Check out our video short to get a feel for NICAS Wild Climbers!