Roping up: the premiere of the Vertical Pro has come to a successful end

1587 vertical professionals celebrate their work and passion on two days of the fair

Motorized winches, climbing holds with dual texture and carabiners with three-way lock: For everyone who is professionally at heights, the first edition of Vertical Pro offered a meeting place for information, exchange and networking. 141 exhibitors from 23 nations showed the entire spectrum of the climbing and occupational safety industry, from rope clamps to work harnesses to software for bouldering hall booking systems. “The first Vertical Pro was a complete success both for our partners and for us. The top concept orientation has created valuable new synergies within the rope access technology with sport and industrial climbers ”, summarizes the managing director of Messe Friedrichshafen, Klaus Wellmann.

“The positive feedback from our customers has confirmed that the industry has been waiting for an interdisciplinary event like Vertical Pro,” adds project manager Dirk Heidrich. The German Alpine Association (DAV) and the International Adventure Park Association (IAPA) are convinced. Dr. Wolfgang Wabel, DAV mountaineering division explains: “The Vertical Pro was a real success. The atmosphere was excellent and we are very satisfied. The visitors were insiders and very knowledgeable about the subject. The concept of integrating the Halls & Walls into the Vertical Pro was an excellent decision. “Jochen Brischke, CEO of IAPA, adds:” The trade fair went very well for us. Those who visited our stand were very interested and showed a high level of professional interest.

The exhibitors were also satisfied: “I am really surprised by how the trade fair went, because I assumed that the current corona situation would have had fewer visitors. The integrated trade fair Halls & Walls had its regular audience on site. We as Petzl are 100 percent congruent with our products and our range, you can say – Vertical Pro is Petzl. We’ll be here in the future and try to get even more people excited about this concept. For a first-time event, the trade fair turned out really well! ”, Summarizes Christoph Driever, Country Manager Petzl Deutschland GmbH. Christian Kruck, Technical Sales DMM International Limited, also draws a positive conclusion: “There were more visitors at the trade fair than we expected due to the Corona. We actually only saw a professional audience here. I found the concept with a test area and specialist lectures to be absolutely necessary, otherwise the trade fair would only have been half as interesting. Another appearance next year is very likely, because we represent both the professional and climbing sectors and the trade fair is very interesting for us! “Sven Drangeid, Head of FISAT, sums up: Interest group for rope-assisted work techniques in educational work on the Vertical Pro was very good. A little more public traffic would have been desirable, but this is probably due to the current pandemic situation. It was a shame that many items on the program, such as lectures and demonstrations, took place at the same time, so that you couldn’t take everything with you that was of interest to you.

Up again with the Vertical Pro on November 25th and 26th, 2022 in Friedrichshafen. 

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