Member advice from our insurers – BT Redcare Alarm Signalling Products: Changes Affecting Your Security System

The following is advice for OIA members, from our insurers, Mann Broadbent

In a recent announcement, BT Redcare has made a significant shift in the alarm signalling industry, stating that they will halt the sale of new products by the end of February 2024. Additionally, existing product services will cease on 1st August 2025, or earlier if contractual obligations expire before that date.

This carries profound implications for organisations relying on monitored alarms, especially those with automatic fire and security systems that depend on BT Redcare signalling products. With the replacement deadline set for 1st August 2025, users are tasked with finding suitable alternatives before then.

For the last 30 years, BT Redcare has been a leading provider of alarm signalling products, offering a wide range including Redcare Classic, Classic Fire, GSM, Secure range (IP, Fire, Solo, Secure 2, Secure 3), Essential, Essential IP, Essential Extra, Advanced, Advanced Extra, and Ultimate.

Currently, it’s estimated that 120,000 live systems utilise BT Redcare products, all of which will require replacement. Among these, 75% are older systems using analogue technology incompatible with the new digital fibre network. Consequently, these systems require replacement by the end of 2025, irrespective of BT Redcare’s withdrawal. Alarm companies may have already initiated discussions with affected users to identify suitable replacements compatible with the fibre network.

The technical performance of BT Redcare products varies, often selected based on considerations made by alarm installers and, in some cases, insurers during system design and installation.

Organisations with Redcare alarms should take action now by:

Contacting your alarm company: If you’re impacted by the BT Redcare withdrawal, promptly reach out to your alarm company to explore alternative alarm signalling options. Your alarm company should be able to advise you based on the specifications of your current system.

Consult your insurer: If monitored alarm protection is a requirement of your insurance coverage, consult with your insurer. Insurers may have specific performance requirements for alarm signalling systems, and it’s essential to ensure that any replacement meets these standards. It should also be noted that replacement alarm signalling products should match or exceed the performance level of your existing system.

Always seek guidance: Your alarm company, insurance broker, and insurers can provide further guidance and assistance throughout the transition process.

Despite the seeming distance of the 1st August 2025 deadline, it’s crucial to take action promptly. Delaying the replacement of monitored alarm systems poses the risk of leaving your property vulnerable to security breaches. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take action now to safeguard your sport, dance and leisure club.

For more information regarding the withdrawal of BT Redcare Alarm Signalling Products, please contact Mann Broadbent Insurance Brokers on 01905 612336 or alternatively by email.