The European Outdoor Group – Measuring the Outdoor Market

The European Outdoor Group (EOG ) is pleased to share the next steps in expanding the retail point of sales measure of outdoor goods


Currently, the EOG runs an OutDoor Retail Benchmark report with its retail members covering sales of approximately 1000 doors as well as online business. The data covers seven European countries, with the strongest coverage in Germany.

Point of sale figures are collected and reported on a monthly basis, measuring six market segments; outdoor, sport fashion, cycling, winter sports, running/walking and water sports.

The report covers apparel, footwear and hardware for all market segments with a more detailed breakdown of products for the outdoor segment.

The charts here provide more detail of the products measured and the performance of outdoor, cycling and running, which in spite of such a challenging 2020 , all ended in growth based on the EOG retail benchmark.

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 Next steps – May 2021 onwards

 After successfully developing the study and working with its retail members, the EOG’s plan is now to partner with more retailers, country by country, and we will run a pilot of the UK market this year. In addition, the EOG will open up the benchmark to collect sales of brands with retail, both online and store sales.

This will strengthen the market coverage of the sales in the outdoor sector and allow for more robust and real time data. As well as reporting online and offline sales as the coverage improves, we will also be able to report the different sales channels such as outdoor specialists and pure online players. We will also look to include key sustainability metrics, such as rate of returns.

The EOG is pleased to be working with the OIA to help develop the study and any brand or retailer who would like to learn more should please get in touch. The plan is to set up an advisory group with the first meeting taking place before the end of May (date to be confirmed). The first meeting will be open to any company who would like to learn more and following this the working group will be formed.

 For further details please contact