Thank you for considering membership of the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA).

The OIA is a Non-Profit trade association comprised of retailers, distributors, outdoor brands, service providers, NGB's, NGO's and associates. We are a high profile, campaigning organisation that provides leadership, supports and represents the UK outdoor industry and promotes getting active outdoors. We represent the interests of our members and the whole industry which covers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.

If you believe that the UK outdoor trade deserves good representation, needs to be ready for the next challenge to hit the industry, and to stand up for your interests, then the OIA membership fee is a very small price to pay for that insurance.

Please join us, encourage others to join and then make the most of it - get involved in some of our projects and initiatives and come along to our events to network with industry colleagues.

why join the OIA?

The OIA is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) – which means it does not make a profit, the board  of directors are volunteers and your membership donations can be taken against tax. We are a high profile, campaigning organisation that provides leadership and promotes the outdoors, persuasively representing the industries’ interests in all activities at every level.

We invest our funds into not only securing direct membership benefits for your business but also undertaking key activities to support the outdoor sector as a whole, such as:

Engaging, representing and promoting the Outdoor Recreation Industries