Matt Gowar

Matt Gowar founded Equip Outdoor Technologies in 1991 to retail specialist travel equipment. This led to the development and manufacture of products to his specifications and to sourcing and importing of selected equipment from overseas. In 1997 a partnership was formed and in January 2000 Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd became incorporated with Matt as the Managing Director; this role held responsibility at Board level to control buying, sourcing, sales and financial control. Equip acquired the brand Rab in 2003, which in 2008 went on to become the largest technical apparel brand in the UK. In 2011 Equip also purchased Lowe Alpine to further enhance their portfolio.

Today, Matt is a board member and CEO of Equip Outdoor Technologies UK, which continues to specialise in the design and marketing of technical outdoor equipment.

OIA Board Member since May 2018 – please note: his initial participation will be delayed until due to business travel, but from January 2019 he will attend the regular Board Meetings.